Sports Cards Insider – Nov 29, 2021

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Sports cards continued their slow and steady decline. Feels like something’s got to give.

All stats come from assets trading on secondary markets at Otis, Collectable, and Rally

Last Week

Fractional secondary markets

Soccer cards led the way down last week as the entire category continued its slide across fractional marketplaces.

All stats come from assets trading on the secondary markets at Otis, Collectable, and Rally

Things look more mixed over at Alt with three of their five sports cards indices trending up last week, though they’re all down over the last ninety days.


This Week

Assets dropping on marketplaces

Several IPOs this week across three different sports.

Manny Pacquiao 1999 World Boxing PSA 10

  • Market Cap: $16,000
  • Inferred Value: $14,400
  • Date: 11/29/21 on Rally
  • Recommended [Insiders Only]

1959 Topps Baseball Set

  • Market Cap: $80k
  • Inferred Value: $58k
  • Date: 11/30/21 on Collectable
  • Recommended [Insiders Only]

Roy Campanella 1949 Bowman #84 PSA 9

  • Market Cap: $55k
  • Inferred Value: $67k
  • Date: 12/2/21 on Collectable
  • Recommended [Insiders Only]

Michael Jordan 1986 Fleer SGC 10

  • Market Cap: $189,650
  • Inferred Value: $199,000
  • Date: 12/4/21 on Collectable
  • Recommended [Insiders Only]

Undervalued assets trading on marketplaces

Three huge cards start real time trading on Rally this week, and they’re all great value based on the last trading price.


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Wyatt Cavalier

Wyatt Cavalier

With a background in finance & intelligence analysis, Wyatt has an unhealthy obsession with finding the best blue chip investment opportunities. His previous newsletter, Fractional, resonated deeply with subscribers, bringing actionable insights and unconventional trading strategies. His rare book collection specializes in banned editions. He currently lives in Spain with his beautiful wife, three young boys, and dog Monty.

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-1986 Fleer #57 SGC 10 Michael Jordan

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